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CM-20 (Lowel Scissor-Mount)(set of 2)
 Lowel  CM-20 (Lowel Scissor-Mount)(set of 2)
Attaches small lights and accessories to grid of dropped-ceilings in offices and other areas.
CM-50 (Lowel Safety Cable) (set of 3)
 Lowel  CM-50 (Lowel Safety Cable) (set of 3)
These Lowel Safety Cables are made of braided stainless steel, they provide extra security to lights mounted on overhead pipes, dropped ceilings and grids by attaching the light to the overhead mount.
TI-30 (Lowel Tota-Clamp)
 Lowel  TI-30 (Lowel Tota-Clamp)
A constant tension tilt bracket for mounting small cameras and accessories. It fits on a 5/8 in or smaller light stand stud. It also accepts 2 flex-shafts.
VIP-38 (Stud Link)
 Lowel  VIP-38 (Stud Link)
A 5/8 inch diameter stud with a 1/4-20 inch threaded end. It may be used with the Cam-link or directly on some video cameras.
VIP-41s (Cam-Link w/ Stud Link)
 Lowel  VIP-41s (Cam-Link w/ Stud Link)
Used for mounting a light to a video camera.
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 
Euro Sliding Plate Assembly (P7840)
Euro Sliding Plate Assembly (P7840)

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