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K305PP Pro Plus Kit (3x-P360 Pro Plus, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)
K305PP Pro Plus Kit (3x-P360 Pro Plus, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)

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Mounting Clamps
 Microdolly  Mounting Clamps
The Mounting Clamps has three of our modified Cardellini-style Clamps that work directly with the Suction Mount Kit. The Clamps allow the Camera Plate to be mounted to bars, poles and any square or rounded flat edge surface from 3/8" to 2" thick. Ideal for mounting cameras on bicycles, motorcycles, roof racks, etc. A carrying pouch is included. Each Clamp is 5 3/4" long (14.6cm)
 Miller Special Order Item 
Multi Joint Monitor Kit
 Microdolly  Multi Joint Monitor Kit
The Multi Joint Monitor Mount is a totally unique addition to the MICRODOLLY Jib System. This arm has a quad-axis swivel and mounts in any of six positions on the Jib yoke, allowing you to see your monitor at absolutely any angle. The Multi Joint Monitor Mount is included in the MICRODOLLY Jib Accessory Kit or may be purchased separately.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Non Skid Track Pads
 Microdolly  Non Skid Track Pads
As the name suggests, these super light weight Non Skid Track Pads protect the surface and will not allow the Dolly Track to skid or move even when wet. Made from a fiberglass mesh dipped in neoprene and coated with a patented sticky material these Pads are temperature and water resistant. Each pair of Pads is 15 feet long and may be used with Straight or Curved Dolly Track.
Riser Kit
 Microdolly  Riser Kit
Designed to assemble in seconds, the Riser Kit allows you to raise the Jib or camera those extra few inches necessary to accomplish a shot. Kit includes three six inch and three 12 inch legs, two end plates, six mounting screws and a 5" stainless steel threaded rod. A patented MICRODOLLY Speed Nut is also included, along with a screwdriver for quick assembly. A carrying pouch is included.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Swing Plate Camera Mount
 Microdolly  Swing Plate Camera Mount
Designed to extend the Jib camera plate, the Swing Plate Camera Mount can also be rotated 360 degrees to offset the camera at any angle. Machined from structural grade aluminum and hard anodized for weather protection, the Swing Plate is useful to mount a studio matte box or teleprompter. 100mm Cup accessory can also be attached. Plate is 4"x9".
 Miller Special Order Item 
Travel Sandbags
 Microdolly  Travel Sandbags
Made of sturdy ballistic nylon for long life, these well made Sand Bags can travel flat and be filled on location. The double pockets are vinyl-lined and have waterproof zippers. They can be filled with sand, shot, even water. The Sand Bag loop can be used to hang it on a tripod or light stand. The large rubber handles are designed for both durability and comfort. You will not hurt you hands carrying these bags! Each bag can hold up to 25 lbs. Sold in sets of three.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Traveler Case
 Microdolly  Traveler Case
The MICRODOLLY Traveler Case is made of heavy duty plastic and is perfect for carrying the MICRODOLLY Basic Dolly Kit when traveling very light. The Case comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder strap, a single track bag to hold the MICRODOLLY Track, and a nylon mesh tote bag to carry the Dolly Accessories.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Tripod Tiedown Kit
 Microdolly  Tripod Tiedown Kit
Machined from durable high impact nylon, this set of three connectors snaps into place to quickly attach a tripod to the Dolly. This allows the tripod to be easily adjusted while still mounted on the Dolly. The Tripod Tiedown Kit will fit most professional tripods.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Undersling Camera Mount
 Microdolly  Undersling Camera Mount
This clever accessory will allow the camera to be mounted 14 inches below the Jib Boom for shots that require a low angle view. A fluid head may also be mounted between the camera plate and the Undersling so that total pan/tilt control can be maintained. The Undersling can be rotated 360 degrees to face any direction.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Displaying 13 to 21 (of 21 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2 
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100

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