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MK350N Spectrometer
 UPRtek  MK350N Spectrometer
Lightweight, compact, self-contained Spectrometer that measures the output of LED light sources and gives readings in Lux, Color Rendition Index (CRI), color temperature, and peak wavelength. The meter will read and measure visible light, but it is designed for LED lights and may not be as accurate when use to measure non-LED sources.
MK350S Advanced Spectrometer
 UPRtek  MK350S Advanced Spectrometer
UPRtek MK350S Led Meter gives you the opportunity to measure the quality of light quickly and easily. Following the same path with the MK350N, the MK350S has the same functionalities as it's predecessor but brings many new features.
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Wing WiFi SD Card
 UPRtek  Wing WiFi SD Card
The UPRtek Wing WiFi card is a system-specific WiFi SD card for data connection between the MK350N / MK350S and another WiFi compatible device.
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100

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