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K305P Pro Kit (3x-P360 Pro, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)
K305P Pro Kit (3x-P360 Pro, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)

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M1-III Low-Profile Quick-Release Adapter
 iFootage  M1-III Low-Profile Quick-Release Adapter
The low profile quick release adapter is designed only for the M1-III mini crane and can help you achieve upside down mounting and low-angle shots.
Mini Crane Waterbag Counterweight
 iFootage  Mini Crane Waterbag Counterweight
Counterweights designed for Mini Cranes, durable and easy to transport as you can fill it with the right amount of water on location.
MiniCrane M1-II
 iFootage  MiniCrane M1-II
The MiniCrane M1-II boasts the highest weight capacity of similar sized jibs by handling rigs up to 5kg. Its adjustable sliding weight bar allows fine-tuning control and is removable.
MiniCrane M1-III
 iFootage  MiniCrane M1-III
The M1 III crane boasts incredible structural innovation. Made of 20-layer high impact carbon fibre, the square tube removes the shake and any subsequent damage that a round tube can cause, so your crane will be by your side for a long time. Beautifully designed with a sleek black finish, the M1 III was created using precise CNC machine cutting technology for unprecedented support and durability. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and can take a heavy load whilst remaining highly stable. 
MiniCrane M5
 iFootage  MiniCrane M5
The Minicrane M5 is the industry standard lightweight camera crane system. Fitted with a two arm design for maximum stability and built with aircraft grade aluminium, it's as robust and lightweight as it is functional.
R60 II Panoramic Rotation Unit
 iFootage  R60 II Panoramic Rotation Unit

The R60 panoramic head is the perfect accessory for shooting 360° panoramas and time lapses. The same aluminium used to build aircrafts provides quality even in the toughest situations, with the ability to hold an incredible 40kg of equipment.
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 
Curved Track
Curved Track

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