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ADP-101  Boxx  ADP-101
SMA to N-type adapter.
ADP-102  Boxx  ADP-102
TNC to N-type adapter.
ADP-103  Boxx  ADP-103
N-male to N-male barrel adapter.
ADP-104  Boxx  ADP-104
N-female to N-female barrel adapter
ADP-105  Boxx  ADP-105
N-male to TNC adapter.
ADP-106  Boxx  ADP-106
N-male to N-male barrel right angle adapter. This adapter is used to mount ANT204 directly to an Outside Broadcast Receiver.
ADP-107  Boxx  ADP-107
TNC to N-type.
ADP-108  Boxx  ADP-108
N-type to N-type right angle male to female adapter.
ANT201 Antenna  Boxx  ANT201 Antenna
The 5 GHz omni directional antenna with 10 dB gain. Constructed of durable UV-stable fiberglass and stainless steel mounting brackets. Can be used on both transmitter or receiver.
ANT202 Antenna  Boxx  ANT202 Antenna
9.5dB 5GHz patch 60 degree SMA antenna. Designed for mounting on top of an Outside Broadcast Receiver for directional reception. This antenna has an SMA connector and will need ADP101 to be used with the Outside Broadcast Receiver.
ANT203 Antenna  Boxx  ANT203 Antenna
Panel antenna working in 5 GHz frequency with 23 dBi gain. Can be mounted for horizontal or vertical polarization.
ANT204 Antenna  Boxx  ANT204 Antenna
Sector antenna working in 5 GHz band with 16dB gain and vertical polarization. It is resistant to interference from other networks and does not cause disruption to others.
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 66 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller - #0500-0001
MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller - #0500-0001

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