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ES-T37 Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras
ES-T37 Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras

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90 Degree Plate Camera Mount  Microdolly  90 Degree Plate Camera Mount
Manufactured from structural grade aluminum and hard anodized for heavy-duty use, the 90 Degree Plate Camera Mount will allow the camera to be mounted vertically from the Jib Camera Plate or the Suction Mount Camera Plate. A 100mm Cup will attach to mount pan/tilt leveling ball. Camera plate knob is included. Face Plate Size: 4"x4".
 Miller Special Order Item 
Basic Jib Kit  Microdolly  Basic Jib Kit
The Basic Jib Kit includes the MICRODOLLY Jib and the standard 34 inch MICRODOLLY Soft Case. An adapter plate to attach the Jib to almost any professional tripod and a heavy-duty camera plate knob to mount the camera are also part of the Kit. Spring-loaded clips are included to keep gym weights safely on the weight bar. To increase reach, the Jib boom can telescope from 33 inches to 52 inches. The Jib weighs just over 9 pounds and will carry a maximum video or film camera load of 50 pounds at the 33 inch length.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Bongo Ties  Microdolly  Bongo Ties
These clever tie wraps make it super simple to manage electrical, video, and audio cables. Made from heavy duty rubber bands and attached to a patented flared-end "Bongo" pin, they provide a superior button style closure. "Bongo Ties" are sold in packages of ten.
Briefcase  Microdolly  Briefcase
This custom made Briefcase is the perfect carry-all to protect your computer, script and light meter when you travel. It is fully padded and has built-in compartments for file folders, pencils and cell phone. For safety, it is metal reinforced just like standard equipment Cases and can be locked to ship as baggage when necessary.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Camera Dolly & Track Kit  Microdolly  Camera Dolly & Track Kit
The Camera Dolly & Track Kit includes one "T"-Bar Dolly, 13 Feet (4m) of camera dolly Track, two 13 foot Track Pads, one Dozen Track Shims, one Ratchet Tie-down, one Wheel Wrench Tool, one Track Bumper and one Custom Soft Case. Straps to backpack kit are included. No tools are required to assemble.
Camera High Hat  Microdolly  Camera High Hat
Made of machined structural grade aluminum, this lightweight yet very sturdy Camera High Hat positions the camera just inches above the Dolly. Attaches in seconds. Will hold 75mm, 100mm and 150mm cups for mounting of ball leveled heads. Imbedded "O"-ring prevents slippage. Designed for loads under 25 pounds. Platform size: 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15cm).
Camera High Hat Board  Microdolly  Camera High Hat Board
Poly sealed for weather protection, the Camera High Hat Board is made of 7 ply Finnish Birch and attaches to the Dolly with stainless steel bolts. It is pre-drilled to mount either the MICRODOLLY RISER or the Camera Plate from the MICRODOLLY SUCTION MOUNT KIT. Any standard High Hat can also be attached. Platform size: 9 x 9 x 13 inches.
Camera Mount Extension Rod Kit  Microdolly  Camera Mount Extension Rod Kit
The Camera Mount Extension Rod Kit contains two 30 inch and two 24 inch rods which can extend the distance of the Suction Mount cups or Mounting Clamps from the Camera Plate. Made of sturdy structural-grade aircraft aluminum the rods are military-spec hard-anodized for long wear. A handy carrying pouch is included.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Camera Plate Kit  Microdolly  Camera Plate Kit
The Camera Plate Kit includes the Swing Plate, 90 Degree Plate, Undersling, and 100mm Cup. The rugged metal-reinforced hard case includes heavy interior foam padding, pre-cut to accommodate the MICRODOLLY Jib's most popular Camera Plate Accessories. Two metal latches key-lock for added security. Please look below for details and specifications of each accessory.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Cup Adapter Kit  Microdolly  Cup Adapter Kit
The Cup Adapter Kit will allow a wide range of Pan/Tilt heads to be mounted to the MICRODOLLY Pro Line of Jibs, Dollies and Mounts. The Kit comes with a 100mm Cup and includes a 75mm and 150mm Cup Insert. It will attach easily to the Hi-Hat, Jib, Standard Tripod or Baby Tripod. It will also attach to any MICRODOLLY Camera Plate Accessory. Made of sturdy structural-grade aircraft aluminum all parts are military-spec hard-anodized for long wear.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Curved Track  Microdolly  Curved Track
Of special note is the Curved Track from MICRODOLLY. Each 15 foot (4.5m) section turns 90 degrees on an 8 foot (2.5m) radius. Four sections make a full circle. This amazing track folds to a compact 30 inches (76cm)and will fit in the standard MICRODOLLY Soft Case. It works with the standard MICRODOLLY "T"-Bar Dolly and Straight Track.
Dolly Adapter Plate  Microdolly  Dolly Adapter Plate
This handy Triangle Plate mounts to the Dolly in seconds so that you can attach the Camera Plates from either the MICRODOLLY Riser Kit or Suction Mount Kit as a hi-hat for low angle shots. It can also be used off of the Dolly as a leveling plate. Will support up to fifty pounds. Comes in its own pouch. Size is 7" X 7" X 7" and 1" Thick.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 38 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
Curved Track
Curved Track

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