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K301PP Pro Plus Travel Kit (3-P360 Pro Plus) - FLXK301PP

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Jib Boom Extension  Microdolly  Jib Boom Extension
This light weight yet heavy duty extension adds a full 30 inches (76 cm) to the length of your MICRODOLLY Jib. Made of the same high quality materials as the Jib, it gives you additional reach without sacrificing weight capacities. The Boom Extension packs neatly into its own carrying bag. Up to three Boom Extensions may be used to extend the Jib to 12 feet (3.7m). A Jib Boom Truss is necessary when adding Extensions.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Jib Boom Truss  Microdolly  Jib Boom Truss
The Jib Truss mounts on the Jib Boom with or without the Boom Extension in place. Manufactured from nylon coated stainless steel cable, the truss is designed to assure rigidity when carrying maximum weight. Installs in less than one minute without tools. A longer cable truss is necessary if more than one extension is to be used. Please specify the number of Extensions being used when ordering Jib Truss Kits.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Jib Dolly  Microdolly  Jib Dolly
The Jib Dolly is designed to support any size MICRODOLLY Jib. Manufactured from structural grade aluminum and hard anodized for weather protection, it has nine large heavy-duty ball bearing wheels that provide an extra large foot print for added stability. A telescoping steering and pull handle make it easy to move even when fully loaded. For safety, all wheel casters have quick-release brakes. The Jib Dolly folds for easy transport and comes with a heavily padded softcase.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Jib Setup Bracket  Microdolly  Jib Setup Bracket
The Jib Setup Bracket is a handy accessory that allows you to rest the MICRODOLLY Jib on a standard C-stand or light stand. The Setup Bracket will support the Jib while attaching the camera or Power Head. It travels in the Jib Soft Case and is made of sturdy anodized aluminum.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Jib Upgrade Kit  Microdolly  Jib Upgrade Kit
The Jib Upgrade Kit includes the most popular MICRODOLLY Jib accessory items. The Kit contains the Weight Cage, a nylon cage liner bag and a folding water bottle, a 30-inch Boom Extension, the stainless steel Boom Truss, and the Multi Joint Monitor Mount. A MICRODOLLY Soft Case bag provides convenient storage and handling. Please look below for details and specifications of each accessory.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Jib Weight Cage  Microdolly  Jib Weight Cage
The Jib Weight Cage allows you to travel to location without carrying gym weights.  It comes with a nylon cage liner bag and a folding water bottle. Together, these allow you to use absolutely anything for counterweight; rocks, sand, even water! The Weight Cage folds flat and packs neatly into its own carrying bag.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Mounting Clamps  Microdolly  Mounting Clamps
The Mounting Clamps has three of our modified Cardellini-style Clamps that work directly with the Suction Mount Kit. The Clamps allow the Camera Plate to be mounted to bars, poles and any square or rounded flat edge surface from 3/8" to 2" thick. Ideal for mounting cameras on bicycles, motorcycles, roof racks, etc. A carrying pouch is included. Each Clamp is 5 3/4" long (14.6cm)
 Miller Special Order Item 
Multi Joint Monitor Kit  Microdolly  Multi Joint Monitor Kit
The Multi Joint Monitor Mount is a totally unique addition to the MICRODOLLY Jib System. This arm has a quad-axis swivel and mounts in any of six positions on the Jib yoke, allowing you to see your monitor at absolutely any angle. The Multi Joint Monitor Mount is included in the MICRODOLLY Jib Accessory Kit or may be purchased separately.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Non Skid Track Pads  Microdolly  Non Skid Track Pads
As the name suggests, these super light weight Non Skid Track Pads protect the surface and will not allow the Dolly Track to skid or move even when wet. Made from a fiberglass mesh dipped in neoprene and coated with a patented sticky material these Pads are temperature and water resistant. Each pair of Pads is 15 feet long and may be used with Straight or Curved Dolly Track.
Push Bar  Microdolly  Push Bar
This handy accessory attaches to the T-Bar Camera Dolly and allows the Dolly to be pushed by someone other than the camera operator. Crafted from sturdy, structural grade aluminum, with a carbon steel universal joint, the Push Bar is 50 in. (128cm) in length and closes to fit snugly into the Basic Kit Bag.
Riser Kit  Microdolly  Riser Kit
Designed to assemble in seconds, the Riser Kit allows you to raise the Jib or camera those extra few inches necessary to accomplish a shot. Kit includes three six inch and three 12 inch legs, two end plates, six mounting screws and a 5" stainless steel threaded rod. A patented MICRODOLLY Speed Nut is also included, along with a screwdriver for quick assembly. A carrying pouch is included.
 Miller Special Order Item 
Straight Track  Microdolly  Straight Track
Additional Straight Track Sections are 13 feet (4m) in length and fold to 30 in. (76cm). Extra Sections come with a Tube Bag for protection and a Track Connector Kit which joins track sections together.
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Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100

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