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Miller Factory Tour  Fiilex  Miller Factory Tour
P100 Accessory Mount (A034)  Fiilex  P100 Accessory Mount (A034)

The P100 Accessory Mount is designed to adapt the P100 to accept the Fiilex Dome Diffuser and Gel Holder accessories. It fits tightly around the outside of the P100 Lens and is held in place by tension. There are two magnetic mounts on the front face of the P100 Accessory Mount to attach the accessories. The P100 Accessory Mount is not meant for use with the Fresnel Lens as it already has a focusing lens on the light unit.

P100 Datasheet  Fiilex  P100 Datasheet
P100 Information Video  Fiilex  P100 Information Video
P100 On Camera Light Ver II  Fiilex  P100 On Camera Light Ver II
The highly compact P100 is the most versatile solution for someone who is constantly on the move and lighting in unconventional locations. Fully dimmable and color-tunable to match daylight or tungsten, this brilliant LED features a spot-to-flood lens and runs off an integrated Li-ion battery. 
P100 User Manual  Fiilex  P100 User Manual
Fiilex P100 User Manual
P180 Datasheet  Fiilex  P180 Datasheet
P180 User Manual  Fiilex  P180 User Manual
P180 User Manual
P180 Water Resistant Video  Fiilex  P180 Water Resistant Video
P180E  Fiilex  P180E
The Fiilex P180E is a weather proof ENG Camera Mount or Stand Mount LED Light. It is a compact and color tunable ENG light that is built for the news gathering and broadcast communities, but is also highly functionable for travel / portable lighting. Smaller than a soda can, the P180 will be one of the smallest and strongest on-camera LED lights in the market. We are in the final stages of production and we wanted you to see what we have been working on.
P180E Information Video  Fiilex  P180E Information Video
P200  Fiilex  P200
The Fiilex P200 FlexJet is a 60-watt high-intensity, high-density fiber illuminator. The P200 FlexJet is made to handle a wide variety of fiber optic accessories for lighting unique and difficult spaces. Using Fiilex's specially designed LED array, the P200 groups an immense amount of light into a diverse range of Light Guide Accessories.
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Curved Track

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