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K305PP Pro Plus Kit (3x-P360 Pro Plus, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)
K305PP Pro Plus Kit (3x-P360 Pro Plus, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)

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Q500 Information Video  Fiilex  Q500 Information Video
Q500-AC  Fiilex  Q500-AC
The Q500 produces 750W of brilliant specular light with only a 150W Draw. Dense Matrix Array. It has a completely adjustable color temperature between 2700-6500K and a Hue Control of plus/minus .25 Magenta/Green. It is flicker free at any frame rate, and can be dimmed from 100-8% with smooth transitions. It has an adjustable beam angle 30º - 55º (With Fresnel Lens) a built in LCD Display, and has DMX control with 2 XLR ports and 2 RJ45 ports (512 Addresses). It is compatible with all Fiilex accessories.
Q500-DC  Fiilex  Q500-DC
Designed to run on battery power and to withstand the elements, the Q500-DC redefines on-location work. This IP-24 rated light handles rain, heat and humidity with ease, allowing you to bring the award-winning Q500 technology into the field despite unpredictable conditions.
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Q500-DC User Manual  Fiilex  Q500-DC User Manual
Q500-DC User Manual
Q500AC Data Sheet  Fiilex  Q500AC Data Sheet
Rechargable 29WH battery (P100-VII) (B030)  Fiilex  Rechargable 29WH battery (P100-VII) (B030)
Designed for use with Fiilex P100 'The Brick'
Reverse Leg Light Stand (R003)  Fiilex  Reverse Leg Light Stand (R003)

This 7' Reverse Leg Light Stand from Fiilex uses a unique design that allows its legs to fold up against the riser enabling a closed length of 21" that neatly fits in the Fiilex Rolling Travel Case or similar cases. The 4-section stand is topped with a 5/8" stud with a 1/4"-20 male thread.

S282 Mini All-Weather Interview Kit (2x-P180E)  Fiilex  S282 Mini All-Weather Interview Kit (2x-P180E)
The S282 All-Weather Mini Interview Kit is a portable run 'n gun kit that features two bright P180Es for a total 400W equivalent output. Smaller than a can of soda, each bright LEDs gives you 200W of color-tunable light anywhere you go.
Testing out the Fiilex K303  Fiilex  Testing out the Fiilex K303
Travel Kit Data Sheet  Fiilex  Travel Kit Data Sheet
Umbrella Holder (A005)  Fiilex  Umbrella Holder (A005)

The Umbrella Holder is designed to fit between one the knob on the side of the light head and the light head. Designed to fit both 7mm and 8mm Umbrella Rods with a wing screw to hold it in place.

Displaying 61 to 71 (of 71 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6 
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100

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