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Miller Arrow X5 Combo Live 30 Pedestal System (3250)
[3250] - [MIL3250]


Miller Combo Live Pedestal series offers light weight portability with air adjustable column system that provides a precise-smooth low noise in shot 450mm (17.7”) stroke. 

With its sturdy construction it delivers maximum stability with reliable and simple to use features. This makes the Combo Live Pedestal series a high performer offering perfect option for live broadcast studios looking for a versatile pedestal that punches above its weight.



  • Compact and portable with carry handle for column & dolly
  • Simple and easy to setup and use with column tension control and safety lock.
  • Air adjustable column system for quick payload balancing
  • Independent dolly wheel axle brake system eliminates wheel tyre indents
  • Multiply wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking
  • 125mm dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivelturn action
  • Centre hub locking column with adjustable spider arm supports
  • Steering wheel diameter 294mm (11.6”) & 400mm (15.7”)
  • Dolly tracking width 964mm (38”)
  • Sturdy adjustable cable guards
  • Portable hand pump with pressure gauge


c/w- Combo Live 30 pedestal, Arrow X5 head & (1) tele-scopic pan handle

Note: includes high pressure pump for column pressurization

Maximum Height:
1537 mm (60.5 in)
Minimum Height:
972 mm (38.3 in)
Mounting Standard:
100mm 3.9”
Payload Range:
2-21kg 4.4-46.2lbs
21.80 kg (48.1 lbs)

Miller-Combo-Live-Pedestal-manual--> Miller-Combo-Live-Pedestal-manual

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