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Boxx Cobalt Anton Bauer Mount Transmitter


Cobalt Anton Bauer mount transmitter that fits between the camera battery plate and a Anton Bauer battery. Available in SD or SD-SDI.

The Cobalt system's unique wireless broadcast technology provides a live-to-air microwave link from any camera without ghosting, break-up or interference at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital microwave systems.

Cobalt uses a unique bi-directional transmission system where each packet of data is acknowledged by the receiver. This function means that any lost data can be requested and resent, resulting in an extremely robust link.


Key Features
• Extremely robust link
• Automatic dynamic data rate
• Automatic channel select (seeks and locks onto cleanest frequency)
• Licence exempt with up to 11 channels (4 recommended)
• Diversity antenna transmission and receiving system
• Secure encrypted transmission
• Composite in. Upgradeable to SDI
• Manual configuration via RS-232 port

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