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Century Precision 0HD-16TC-HVX - 1.6X TELE-CONVERTER HVX200
[0HD-16TC-HVX] - [MCP0HD-16TC-HVX]


Add the 1.6X Tele-Converter to the front of your HVX200 (13X) to shift its focal range in the telephoto direction. The perfect tool when it's inconvenient, dangerous, or even impossible to move as close to the subject as you'd like. The 1.6X Tele-Converter alters your zoom's focal length range to 39.6-88mm — with no appreciable light loss. Note that the Tele-Converter offers partial zooming, vignetting will occur at mid-range through full wide angle.

The Tele-Converter is specially effective in "run-and-gun" shooting situations because it attaches quickly to the front of the existing lens with our popular bayonet mount.

For greater protection, the face of the unit offers 102mm threads for direct attachment of Schneider 102mm Clear Filter or 102mm Linear True-Pol. 105mm sunshade also available.

Aperture Horizontal
Angle of View
35mm Still
Camera Lens 4.2-55mm f/1.6-f/2.8 59.5°-5.0° 32.5-423mm 13X
0HD-16TC-HVX 39.6-88mm f/1.6-f/2.8 6.9°-3.1° 299-665.2mm Partial Zoom,
vignettes at
wide angle

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Century Precision
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