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Century Precision 2.0X TELE-CONVERT EX3/EX1/EX1R - 0HD-20TC-EX1
[0HD-20TC-EX1] - [MCP0HD-20TC-EX1]

Miller Special Order Item


The 2X Tele-Converter instantly mounts to the camcorder lens front to effectively double focal length range in the telephoto direction, while maintaining the lens’ original F-stop at full telephoto.

This professional accessory features multi-coated glass elements to deliver ultra-sharp images free of unwanted distortion or chromatic aberration. Equipped with a bayonet mount, installation to the front of the camcorder lens is quick, easy and secure. The unit comes complete with a lens support slider for mounting on standard 15mm support rods. The 2X Tele-Converter offers a 105mm diameter front for compatibility with many existing shades, matteboxes and accessories. In fact, Schneider Optics is so commited to the contention that a deep lens shade is vital to minimize flare and stray light, the attachment ships complete with a lightweight round shade with a built-in rectangular mask. Note that the Tele-Converter offers partial zooming, vignetting will start to occur very quickly at approximately 20% after you start to zoom towards the wide angle direction and increase through the zoom back producing a port hole effect at the full wide angle position.

Aperture Horizontal
Angle of View
35mm Still
Camera Lens 5.8-81.2mm f/1.9 57.8°-4.5° 31.4-439mm
0HD-20TC-EX1 130-162.4mm f/1.9 2.8°-2.3° 731.3-913.5mm Vignettes @ 20% of Pull Back

Manufacturer Info
Century Precision
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