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Century Precision .55X W/A REV ADAPTER 58MM - 0DS-55WA-58
[0DS-55WA-58] - [MCP0DS-55WA-58]


The DV Series .55X Reversible Wide Angle Adapter is the first dual purpose DV lens accessory. When attached to the lens front in one direction, the .55X performs like Century’s other high-quality wide angle adapters — offering a significantly wider angle of view with minimal distortion. On the JVC GY-DV300U, the .55X provides a horizontal viewing angle of 75°.

When you want to go "wow 'em wide" with a fisheye effect, simply remove the .55X optical element, flip it around, and thread it on the other way. Voila! It becomes a fisheye adapter. Oriented this way, the .55X provides a wider angle of view with pronounced barrel distortion. When used as a fisheye adapter on the JVC GY-DV300U, the .55X offers a horizontal viewing angle of 94° and a diagonal angle of 117°. The Digital Series .55X Reversible Wide Angle Adapter is only available in a 58mm screw mount version.

Partial zoom adapter, allows zoom capability from wide angle to mid-range when using the camera in auto focus mode.

Aperture Horizontal
Angle of View
35mm Still
Camera Lens 4.3-43mm f/1.6 46º-4.86º 42.4-424mm 10X
DS-55WA-58 2.36mm f/1.6 75º Wide Angle
95º Fisheye
23.3mm Partial

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