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K305P Pro Kit (3x-P360 Pro, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)

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The Super Fisheye's tremendously wide field of view suggests a myriad of creative possibilities -- from panoramic vistas that seem to stretch to the edge of the earth, to comical forced perspective close-ups in which an actor's distorted features seem to pop through the screen. While extreme telephoto shots tend to flatten the subject against the background, the Super Fisheye exaggerates depth, pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background.

Due to the Super Fisheye Adapter's characteristic barrel distortion, extreme low and high-angle shots are made more dramatic. An attic crawl space induces heightened claustrophobia. A forest of tall skyscrapers bend menacingly over the audience. Because the Century Super Fisheye takes in a much wider angle of view than the human eye, it may be used to visually plunge the audience into a scene -surrounding them with a noisy crowd or exiling them to a lonely beach.

When you need to get the widest possible angle of view, add Century's Super Fisheye Adapter. The Super Fisheye produces an extraordinary degree of barrel distortion with a magnification factor of approximately .55x. For example, adding the Super Fisheye to a modern 15x8, results in a 116° horizontal angle of view — a remarkable 145° when measured diagonally.

Requires additional clamp-on adapter ring to attached to your lens.

Adapter Rings Available:
0FA-5X80-00 - 80mm Clamp-on Adapter Ring.
0FA-5X85-00 - 85mm Clamp-on Adapter Ring
0FA-5X90-00 - 90mm Clamp-on Adapter Ring
0FA-5X95-00 - 95mm Clamp-on Adapter Ring

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