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Vocas DSLR Rail Support for High Cameras - #0350-0310
[0350-0310] - [MVO0350-0310]


Vocas DSLR rail support for high cameras:

Specifically for the higher DSLR cameras such as the Canon 1D and cameras that use a vertical handgrip.
This rail support is much lower than the standard DSLR rail support to accommodate these camera setups.

Name: Rail support for High DSLR
Item number: 0350-0310

Also available are:
-Separate balance plate. Item number: 0350-0350
-Separate base plate low. Item number: 0350-0360

These cameras are so high in fact that the standard height of the 15mm bars are not enough.
This means that the fixed distance bars adapters for matteboxes will not be useable with these camera setups.
Because of this Vocas has developed a new bars adapter for our matteboxes which can be adjusted in height to accommodate the increase in distance between the centre of the lens and the 15mm bars.
This rail support comes standard with a set of 15mm rails of 210mm in length.

Name: Adjustable bars adapter 15mm
Item number: 0360-0100

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