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Schneider 82mm True-Match Vari-ND Filter
[68-031182] - [MSO68-031182]


The perfect choice for DSLR cameras with high ISO settings, it allows the user to select the lens f/stop and camera speed independent of ambient light conditions.

This filter works by taking two carefully matched filters and stacking them in combination to produce a density range from 1-1/3 stop loss to 10 stops of light loss. By selecting the best quality materials, Schneider variable ND offer 10stops (ND3.3) attenuation with no blue color shift at maximum density which is a common problem with inferior and unmatched materials common in lesser variable ND filters.

The 82mm True-Match Vari-ND Thread-In is a single low profile filter with both True-Match Polarizing filters in the correct orientation for maximum ease of use and efficiency. The low profile ring prevents vignetting on most DSLR and Video Camera lenses. Simply turn the built in rotating ring to dial in the perfect amount of ND for your scene. Step rings are available in common sizes to adapt the 82mm size to smaller lens thread diameters.

Also available in a True-Match Vari-ND Filter Kit which uses the Schneider 4" Filter Holder and two True-Match Filters for increased filter stacking capabilities.

Schneider True-Match™ Vari-ND Filter Disclaimer

Depending on the circumstances of your use, whether for motion or still imaging, when approaching maximum filter density you may experience an anomaly that appears as a dark “X” pattern near the center of the image. If this happens, gradually adjust the filter lighter until the anomaly disappears. The anomaly creates an "X" pattern regardless of focal length. However, with longer lenses, you may only see the center of it, which appears less like an "X" and more like a general blackness in the center. With wider lenses, the full form of the "X" becomes more apparent.

For optimal performance in still photography when near the maximum density, we recommend setting both exposure and focus manually, because the reduced light intensity is sometimes beyond the ability of the camera’s internal automatic meter and auto focus system to function successfully at extended shutter speeds and very low incoming light levels. Individual circumstances vary, of course, and testing and experience will provide the best results.

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