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Ikan EV2 DSLR Baseplate - ELE-SBP


The ELE-SBP EV2 Adjustable DSLR Base plate and 6” rod combination is the perfect base plate solution for DSLR shooters. 

Adaptability is always a primary design requirement in all of our products. The ELE-SBP continues that tradition. It provides height as well as side to side camera position adjustment, making it adaptable to just about any conceivable shooting need. The integrated tripod mounting plate will accept typical industry standard quick release plates or larger size wedge style plates with the addition of our ELE- WDGL Elements Quick Release Wedge. 

  • Vertical and Lateral Adjustments
  • Designed for DSLR and Small Camcorders
  • Integrated Tripod Mount
  • Assorted 1/4, 3/8 & M4-7 Connection Points
  • IncludeS 6" 15mm rods for Accessories such as Follow Focus or Matte Box

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