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ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras
ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras

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Digital Juice Adjustable Leveling Legs


Add stability & balance to your camera setup while allowing for tracking shots on uneven surfaces. Made from the same 6000 series anodized aluminum as the Slyder Dolly body, this set of 2 adjustable legs provides added stability and balance to the Slyder Dolly setup. The adjustable feet allow you to level the unit on uneven surfaces up to a maximum of 1.25" at each corner. The wider base provides additional forward/backward stability for heavier cameras by moving the weight anchor points outward, much like an outrigger canoe. This results in smoother movement for larger camera rigs. Legs stow easily in Slyder Dolly bag accessory pockets.

  • Independednt Leveling screws on all 4 corners: No matter how uneven the surface you want to place the Slyder Dolly on, the Adjustable Leveling Legs can be used to keep your shooting level.
  • Increased stability for larger camera setups: These legs widen the load and improve the balance of a heavier camera setup, making the whole shooting setup more stable, with less chance of unwanted vibration or tipping.
  • High-quality construction: Made from the same materials as the Slyder Dolly, these legs are both attractive, highly functional and durable.
  • Easy to attach & detach: The industrial finish on the Slyder Dolly's components prevents undesirable reflections and provides added protection.
  • Easy to carry: The Slyder Dolly Deluxe Carry Bag has two handy side pockets specifically designed to hold the two lightweight Adjustable Leveling Legs.

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