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Digital Juice Suction Mount Baby Pin


A portable adjustable baby pin mount with integrated suction cup. The Digital Juice Gear Suction Mount Series Baby Pin is a sturdy, portable, industry-standard 5/8" pin mount that can be used to mount small lights, scrims, gobos and camera systems onto any smooth, non-porous surface using an integrated suction cup mount. It is a perfect tool for rigging portable lights in hard to reach areas for car shoots, tight office environments or other awkward locations, without the need for bulky c-stands or light stands.

The top end of the unit features an industry-standard 3" long 5/8" baby pin that can be used to mount any number of compatible lighting and camera accessories including portable lights, flags, monitors, LEDs, etc. The baby pin is set into an adjustable ball-joint socket so that the pin can swivel and rotate as needed.

At the bottom of the unit, the baby pin is permanently affixed to a 4.75" suction cup mount, ideal for use on non-porous smooth surfaces such as windows, walls or a car dashboard when shooting on location in tight spots. Attaching the suction cup mount to a smooth surface is very easy. Just place the suction cup where you need it and then pump the white pin until the red line on it is no longer visible. The unit will be firmly attached and ready to receive any compatible light.

The DJ Gear Suction Mount Series Baby Pin provides full support for a range of compatible portable lights or accessories, allowing the attached equipment to be rotated and adjusted for proper placement. This makes it ideal for shooting in hard to reach spots, such as from the front of a moving vehicle, inside a car on the dashboard or in a cramped office environment, where using a normal light stand or C-stand would be difficult or cumbersome.

  • Size: 3" long 5/8" Baby Pin with an adjustable ball-joint socket permanently attached to a 4.75"/12cm diameter suction cup mount; 7.25" x 5.5"/18.4cm x 14cm
  • Weight:1 lb/.45kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: up to 15 lbs (5.9kg) under ideal mounting conditions (clean, flat non-porous surface)

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