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Digital Juice Orbit Dolly Pneumatic Wheel Set


THE ORBIT DOLLY 8" PNEUMATIC WHEEL SET is something every Orbit Dolly owner will want to add to their production gear kit. The larger air filled wheels in this set can drastically increase the number of shooting environments in which you can use the Orbit Dolly. While the standard wheels provided will give you smooth movement in most studio situations, there are occasions when you may want to take the dolly on location to areas where the surface is uneven or rough such as concrete floors with expansion cracks, ceramic tile or textured carpeting. These surfaces produce more vibration and shake through the wheels of the dolly to your camera because of the frequent changes in surface height.

Pneumatic tires provide a variable and flexible cushion of compressed air that absorbs shock while keeping the wheels in close contact with the ground. The larger diameter of these wheels also means less revolutions over the same distance and a resultant smoother ride. Because the internal air pressure of a pneumatic tire acts in all directions, it is able to "absorb" bumps in the rolling surface without producing vibration and shake which can affect your footage. The high-quality medical-grade rubber used can also withstand a lot of wear and tear while still maintaining its resilience.

  • Shock Absorption: Air is a natural shock absorber and an air filled tire means less vibration and a steadier motion on a wider variety of surfaces.
  • Micro-incremental Air Pressure Adjustment: You can adjust the tire pressure to suit the shooting or terrain situation. Use less pressure for a softer more forgiving ride on more uneven or rougher surfaces.
  • 36psi Maximum Pressure: You get more than enough support for the heaviest rigging or camera setups that you might need to carry on the Orbit Dolly.
  • Standard Schrader Valve: Using a common valve type, like those used on most car and bicycle tires, makes for easy refilling with just an inexpensive bicycle pump.
  • Medical Grade Rubber: This is not your garden variety rubber tire. Because we are using the same grade of rubber found on many personal medical transport devices, the Orbit Dolly pneumatic tires can withstand extremes in temperature, more stress and more wear and tear than lower grade rubber options.
  • Light Grey Non-marking Rubber: You can take the Orbit Dolly on any set, from green screen to pure white without leaving a mark.
  • Concentric Ribbing: The ribbed surface of the tires provides better traction and better tracking, keeping the tire moving straighter in your desired direction, especially on uneven surfaces.

  • WEIGHT: 3-wheel set: 7.65 lbs / 2.33 kg; 2 short armed wheel assemblies: 2.5 lbs / 1.13 kg each; 1 long armed wheel assembly: 2.65 lbs / 1.20 kg
  • DIMENSIONS: Tire Diameter: 8"/ 200 mm, Tire Width: 2"/ 50 mm, Axle size: 5/16"
  • MAX. TIRE PRESSURE: 36 psi
  • MATERIAL: 1/2 inch aluminum plate (series 6061) with industrial matte black powder coating (wheel assembly), high grade stainless steel (axle bolts and nuts), ABS plastic (hubs), medical grade non marking rubber (tires).

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