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K305PP Pro Plus Kit (3x-P360 Pro Plus, 5 inch Fresnel Lens)

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Fiilex P180E
[P180E] - [FIIP180E]


The P180E is a 40-Watt Color Tunable LED platform that is built to cater to the versatile world of ENG lighting application within the news gathering and broadcast communities. Equipped with an on/off camera mounting option, the P180E can also simply and effectively be used as an accent light to liven up a scene or light an interview. Thanks to Fiilex's recognizably unique technology, all of this can be packed within a mere 1.2 lbs and smaller than a can of soda. See for yourself!

Full Spectrum Color Tuning
Like the rest of the Fiilex line-up, the P180E has Dynamic Color Tunability. Giving the ability to produce any color temperature of white light between 3000 - 5600K (Tungsten - Daylight) with an impressively high Color Reproduction Index (CRI). Designed to allow the camera operator to quickly adjust lighting to match the surrounding environment, including filming continuously from outdoor to indoor.

Highly Efficient Light Source
No Heat. No Gels. No Time. No Sweat. The P180 only draws 40 watts, yet gives an equivalent power output of nearly 250Watts. Imagine the longer run times and power savings this can provide. Also, imagine not having to change another destroyed light bulb for the next 10+ years. Welcome to the new age of lighting.

Water Resistant Design
Built to overcome ever-changing field conditions, the P180 has an IP-24 Rating and can withstand an impressive amount of exposure to direct streams of water such as rain, splashes, and misting. The Optional Rain Shield offers the P180 an IP-25 rating for even further weather protection in severe conditions.

Super Compact Design
The P180E is one of the smallest professional lights on the market. By creating such a small and lightweight unit, we have been able to create a miniature three light kit that fits in the size of your father's old lunchbox. You can now comfortably carry a 3-light studio set-up anywhere you go, say goodby to the hassles.

  • Highly Portable Specular LED Light
  • 200W Output Equivalent, only uses 40W
  • Tunable CCT from 3000-5600 Kelvin
  • Broadband Full Spectrum LED Source
  • CRI >92 over all Color Temperatures
  • Dimming from 10 - 100%
  • IP-24 Water Resistant (IP-25 w/ Rain Shield)
  • AC/DC Power Options (Battery Ready)
  • On & Off Camera Ability Included
  • Long Lifespan, No Bulbs to Replace
  • Virtually Heat Free & Cool to the Touch
  • Flicker Free at Any Frame Rate
  • Simple to Use Magnetic Accessory Mount
  • Designed in USA, Assembled in USA/Taiwan

  • Size (without Barndoor) - 2.9"(Diameter) X 3.8" (Length)    
  • Weight (Include Yoke) - 1.2lbs / 300g
  • LED - Dense Matrix LED
  • Thermal Design - Passive Cooling System (with fan)
  • CCT - 3000K to 5600 K Continuous Tuning
  • CRI - >92
  • Power Consumption - 40W Max.
  • Input - 12 to 24 V DC
  • AC Adaptor - 100 - 240V AC, 47-63Hz (In) / 12V DC, 12W Max. (Out)
  • Operating Temperature - -30° - 40° C / -22° - 104°F

P180 Datasheet--> P180 Datasheet

P180 User Manual--> P180 User Manual


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