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K201P Pro Travel Kit (2x-P360 Pro) - FLXK201P
K201P Pro Travel Kit (2x-P360 Pro) - FLXK201P

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Fiilex K202 All-Weather Two Light Interview Kit
[FLXK202] - [FIIFLXK202]


The K202 is lightweight, durable kit featuring two powerful P360EXs. These weather-enhanced LEDs are dimmable and color tunable, transitioning from tungsten to daylight with the turn of a dial in order to match to existing sources or introduce color contrast into your shot. Each P360EX offers an intense 400W equivalent output that reveals color with great accuracy, and its IP-24 rating means that this weather-resistant LED will work perfectly, rain or shine. Easily modifiable, the P360EX gives you plenty of control over your light, pairing with a wide array of accessories to shape, soften, or focus the beam. The lights are also DMX-compatible, great for situations where you need centralized or remote control over your set-up. Ideal for professionals that need controllable light and enhanced durability for on-location work, the K202 comes with two color-tunable P360 light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, a softbox and a speedring.


Kit Features »

  • 800W of Total Equivalent Output
  • Color Temperature Range 3000-5600K
  • High CRI >92
  • IP-24 (Water-Resistant)
  • Dimming (100%-10%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • DMX-compatible
  • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
  • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
  • Compatible with Fiilex Accessories

Travel Case Features »

  • Zippered Pouch for Storage of Accessories
  • Automatic Pressure Purge System
  • Plastic Non-Corrosive Locks
  • Modular Design for Added Versatility
  • Molded-In Padlock Holes
  • Wheels and Telescoping Handle
  • Built to Mil-Spec Standards / Lifetime Guarantee

Specifications »

Case Size 23.96" x 16.00" x 10.10" 
60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.6cm

Case Weight Fully Loaded 27.1 lbs.

Light Stand Height Closed 21.7"

Light Stand Height Extende 
7 ft / 2.13 Meters

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