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Fiilex Extra Small Softbox Kit - w/ ‘P’ Connector (A046)
[FLXA046] - [FIIFLXA046]


The Extra Small Softbox Kit turns the point-source P360 and P360EX into beautiful and compact fill lights. The softbox attaches via four flex rods to the included Speed Ring and can be collapsed for easy transport in the travel bag. The degree of diffusion can be fine-tuned with inner and outer baffles, and the optional Grid accessory further enhances the light-shaping abilities of the softbox.


Features »

  • Silver Reflective Interior; Black Fabric Exterior
  • Inner and Outer Baffles, Accepts Optional Grid
  • Includes P-Series Speedring (Compatible with Any Standard Softbox)
  • Attaches via Flex Rods
  • Travel Bag

Specifications »

Size 12" X 16" / 31cm X 41cm
Shape Rectangular
LED P360, P360EX, and P200 with Color Blender
Not for Use with Hot Lights
Accepts Grids Yes
Interior Color Silver
Inside Baffle material Polyester Yarn

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