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Tilta BT-003-A-AB Gold Mount Power Supply System (15mm Rod Adapter)
[BT-003-A-AB] - [BT-003-A-AB]


Tilta's BT-003-A-AB extends the flexibility and power options of the BT-003 line to production teams who power their gear using gold-mount batteries. The BT-003-A-AB outputs a number of voltage levels (12V, 14.8V, 8V, and 5V), providing adequate power for most applications. Included is an array of cables designed specifically for powering popular production equipment models. 

The BT-003-A-AB mounts securely to most dual-rod 15mm rigs, and features a unique swivel design, allowing comfortable placement of your battery within your rig. A global power switch permits cessation of supplied power to all attached gear without unplugging any of your rigs components.

  • 12V Coax, 14.8V P-Tap, 8V Coax, 5V Coax
  • Supports Gold Mount Batteries
  • Unique fully adjustable 15mm Rail Mount
  • Light weight design

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