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Tilta FS-T01 Sony FS7 Power Supply System
[FS-T01] - [FS-T01]


Designed specifically to integrate into your FS7 camera, the Tilta V-Mount Battery Plate for Sony FS7 provides you a way to power your camera and on-board accessories from a single V-mount battery. 

The battery plate solidly attaches to your FS7 allowing you to mount optional large capacity V-mount batteries on the back of the camera without significantly altering the balance. Built-in power ports support P-Tap as well as common DC voltage outputs. 

  • Rear mounted power supply system for the FS7
  • Multiple power outputs for all your devices
  • 14.8V P-Tap, 12V DC, 8V DC, and 5V DC out
  • For V-Mount Batteries
  • Lightweight Design

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