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UPRtek Wing WiFi SD Card
[WingWiFi] - [UPRWingWiFi]


The UPRtek Wing WiFi card is a system-specific WiFi SD card for data connection between the MK350N / MK350S and another WiFi compatible device.

Feature WiFi SD Card
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
Capture Remote Control Yes
Software Support iOS / Google Play
Memory Card 8GB
Device MK350N ( ※required FW above 1.3.5 )

Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1 : Where can I find the saved spectrum / CIE images through uSpectrum APPs on smart device?
A : Considering smart devices are saving lots of personal data and limited spaces, uSpectrum APPs will save only Excel file on smart device.
Users still can check Spectrum / CIE images under APPs interface “File” to pick up the storage data at smart device.
Q 2 : Dose MK350 device will save the data on the same time when I process save data on smart device?
A : Considering helping user to recognize and manage saved data easily, the saved data will be saved separate in smart device and MK350 accordingly.
When users controlling the measurement via smart device, the measurement data will save on smart device; controlling the measurement via MK350 device,
the measurement data will save on MK350 device.

Instruction Manual--> Instruction Manual

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