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FXLion Single Position (V-Lock) - PL-Q80B
[PL-Q80B] - [PL-Q80B]


5-level charging flash indicator

Light flash when charging,all lights on when battery fully charged

·PL-Q80A applied for all Fxlion BP Li-ion Batteries and other V-mount batteries.


V mount Quick charger PL-Q80B

  • Quick charging function. Quick charging cut the charging time to half.
  • Compact in size, easy to carry. Adapted to various charging environments.
  • USB port available offering more options. Can be applied to all devices which require 5V input.
  • AC power on, USB output works; Without AC, USB output works by battery on charger.
  • Power: 80W.
  • Light flash when charging,all lights on when battery fully charged.

Type PL-Q80B

Input 100240VAC 47 63hz

Charging Output 16.8V / 4.5A

USB Output 5.0V / 1.0A

Power 80w

Dimension 165 (L) × 108(W) mm × 72 (H)

Weight 420 g

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