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Vocas DSLR Rail Support - #0350-0300
[0350-0300] - [MVO0350-0300]


Vocas DSLR rail support:

Due to its construction, this 15mm rail support is compatible with most DLSR type cameras and provides a very stable platform for attaching multiple additional 15mm accessories to these kind of cameras.

It includes a balance plate tripod attachment, allowing the user to position the camera on its centre of gravity when mounting it on a tripod. Using our signature quick-lock system to fasten and release the 15mm rails, this support can quickly be changed in setup for every different situation.

This rail support comes standard with a set of 15mm rails of 210mm in length.

Name: Rail support DSLR
Item number: 0350-0300

Also available are:
-Separate balance plate. Item number: 0350-0350
-Separate base plate high. Item number: 0350-0355

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