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Anton Bauer 8675-0109 (NP-F976) (Li-Ion battery) (L-Series)
[8675-0109] - [8675-0109]


The Anton/Bauer NP-F976 is a 7.2V, 6600mAh (47Wh) Li-Ion battery that provides reliable, long-lasting battery power in a compact format.

It will power most Sony “L” series cameras and it's also perfect for powering 7.2V accessories. Try it with field monitors like the SmallHD DP-7-Pro, or use it with on-camera lighting such as the Lykos, Croma 2, Micropro 2 or Spectra 2 from Litepanels and Manfrotto.

There are two chargers available for this new battery - a single position and a dual position.

  •   Mount: L-Series
  •   Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  •   Warranty: MAXX I - One year conditional warranty
  •   Voltage: 7.2 volts
  •   Watt Hour: 47 WH
  •   Wattage: 47 WH
  •   Camera interface: L-Series
  •   Size: 5.97 X 7.06 X 3.81 cm
  •   Weight: 0.27 kg

Manufacturer Info
Anton Bauer
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