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Boxx ANT204 Antenna
[ANT204] - [ANT204]


Sector antenna working in 5 GHz band with 16dB gain and vertical polarization. It is resistant to interference from other networks and does not cause disruption to others.

The antenna has no beam squint due to frequency change, meaning that decreasing of data throughput or even loss of a link after frequency channel change does not occur.

Perfectly designed for operation under severe weather conditions. Also works well in a salt water environment without corrosion. High quality construction of pole mounting elements guarantees easy elevation adjustment.


• 16 dBi sectoral gain
• High Performance
• No beam squint
• Great impedance matching
• Vertical polarization
• High quality mounting elements
• Accurate Eeevation adjustment
• Designed for all weather operation
• 2 year warranty

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