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Century Precision 4X4 5-FILTER KIT - 70-C48801
[70-C48801] - [MCP70-C48801]


Created by the world’s top maker of professional lens add-ons, new Century Filters by Schneider Optics have been specifically selected to meet the unique needs of today’s DV/HDV cinematographers. The new series of five filtration tools combines top grade materials, high-end performance and affordability. Century 4”x4” filters fit neatly into standard mattebox filterholders or the 4” Filter Holder. This creativity booster is bound to become a valued cornerstone in every video professional’s toolbox. View the Century Filter Instructional DVD.

The Century Filter Kit comes complete with a lightweight, multicompartment padded pouch outfitted with belt loop for easy, hands-free toting. The Kit Includes one each of the following filters:

ND .6 Solid: Control exposure or depth of field without affecting color or contrast.

ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated: Balance exposure within a scene.

Circular Polarizer: Reduce glare and unwanted reflections, saturate colors, deepen blue skies, improve contrast, and penetrate haze.

Black Frost 1/2: Flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, without degrading image quality or black saturation.

Skintone Enhancer: Adds warmth to skin tones, ideal for romantic close-ups.

These filters may also be purchased separately, in a hard single filter sized plastic box designed for safe storage and protection.

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