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Digital Juice C - Stand Adapter Kit


Get more versatile tracking shots with your Slyder Dolly mounted to any set of standard C-stands. The optional C-Stand Adapter Kit for the Digital Juice Slyder Dolly consists of a set of 2 adapters that let you quickly, easily and securely attach the Slyder Dolly to any 2 C-stands/grip stands in order to accomplish a variety of more creative angled shots (slanted, canted, vertical), not possible with tripod only.

The quick-release wedge plate on the top of the unit gives you the freedom to move the dolly on and off the C-Stands quickly and easily, while the swivelling ball head lets you change the angle of the dolly and then lock it into place when you are ready to shoot.

This kit greatly increases your shooting possibilities when using the Slyder Dolly. It allows you to get your camera up off the ground or table and set it at eye level wherever you need to shoot. You could even place your camera high above the action at the maximum height of the grip stands and tilt the dolly down to get a more dramatic shot. It also means you can set the C-stands at slightly different heights on uneven ground and still keep your shot level or set them to dramatically different heights to get a smooth diagonal tracking motion.
  • More flexible shots when the Slyder Dolly can be tilted or set at an angle: The C-Stand Adapter Kit allows for a wider variety of angles on your tracking shots and more flexible adjustment of your setup when using the Slyder Dolly. This means your shooting platform is more versatile and can handle more complex shots.
  • Quicker and easier setup & knockdown of the Slyder Dolly: The quick release wedge plate on the top of the adapter can be easily attached to the underside of the Slyder Dolly and left in place for quick and easy placement of the Slyder Dolly on your C-stands with adapters attached to them.
  • Sturdy construction means longer life & greater dependability: Built from solid components that are firmly affixed to one another, the C-Stand adapters are rugged enough to travel in your production kit without damage and strong enough to support the weight of the Slyder Dolly and your camera rig with ease.
  • Built-in safety features mean no worry about damage or reliability: The quick release wedge plate has a safety mechanism that won't allow the plate to come off the C-stand adapter, until the release button is pushed in. The wedge plate also has two grip strips that keep it firmly secured against the Slyder Dolly and prevent any twisting during use.

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