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Vocas MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller - #0500-0001
[0500-0001] - [MVO0500-0001]


This compact follow focus system, the MFC-1 (#0500-0001), enables you to control the focus with more precision. Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera man. Attaches directly to the 15 mm light weight support with a quick-lock clamper.

Compact and affordable enough to use on DV cameras, yet professional enough to use on high end cameras.

Rotation lock:
Especially for DV cameras with an indefinite rotating focus ring, the MFC-1 features a "rotation stop". This stop can be enabled or disabled, and provides a hard stop on the focus knob. In fact this "rotation stop" has three settings, namely: "free rotation", "full rotation with  a stop" or "half a rotation".


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