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Century Precision 4X4 5-FLTR KIT W/HLDR - 70-C48802
[70-C48802] - [MCP70-C48802]


Schneider Optics is please to offer the previously available Century 5 Filter Kit now with the low cost 4” Filter Holder.

Included is the 4” Filter Holder manufactured in cooperation with Lee Filters which can accommodate up to two glass filters. The 4” Filter Holder includes one 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring for most popular filter diameters. The 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring can be easily removed with one pull of the brass tab and exchanged for available common filter sizes or simply screw on a conventional step ring to smaller filter sizes. Special nylon thumb screws are included in this special factory modification for added security of the 4mm glass filters.

Created by the world’s top maker of professional lens add-ons, new Century Filters by Schneider Optics have been specifically selected to meet the unique needs of today’s DV/HDV cinematographers. The new series of five filtration tools combines top grade materials, high-end performance and affordability. Century 4”x4” filters fit neatly into standard mattebox filterholders or the 4” Filter Holder. This creativity booster is bound to become a valued cornerstone in every video professional’s toolbox. View the Century Filter Instructional DVD.

The Century Filter Kit with 4” Filter Holder comes complete with a lightweight, multicompartment padded pouch outfitted with belt loop for easy, hands-free toting. The 4” Filter Holder also includes its own separate pouch. The Kit Includes one each of the following filters:

ND .6 Solid: Control exposure or depth of field without affecting color or contrast.

ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated: Balance exposure within a scene.

Circular Polarizer: Reduce glare and unwanted reflections, saturate colors, deepen blue skies, improve contrast, and penetrate haze.

Black Frost 1/2: Flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, without degrading image quality or black saturation.

Skintone Enhancer: Adds warmth to skin tones, ideal for romantic close-ups.

These filters may also be purchased separately without the 4” Filter Holder, in a hard single filter sized plastic box designed for safe storage and protection.

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