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ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras
ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras

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 Arrow 25, Arrow 40 and Arrow 55 Fluid Heads   Miller  Arrow 25, Arrow 40 and Arrow 55 Fluid Heads
The new range of Arrow Fluid heads also reflects the commitment to quality Miller applies to every step of the manufacturing process. From super fine tolerance machining of every component, through the precision assembly process in our state-of–the-art manufacturing facility, each step is subject to comprehensive checking and testing. Every Miller Arrow head has the benefit of the 50 years of manufacturing experience and is supported by a 3 year warranty + a additional 2 year Canadian warranty.
 Choosing the Right Tripod System   Miller  Choosing the Right Tripod System
Miller manufactures around 30 different styles of tripods, tripod spreaders and dollies to meet the needs of every camera production professional and every application, both in the studio and on location. Following inside are the tripod specifications at a glance to help you select the proper tripod system for your needs.
 DS10 & 20 FLUID HEADS   Miller  DS10 & 20 FLUID HEADS
While other support manufacturers compromise with materials and quality for DV customers, Miller utilises the same fluid drag system, ball levelling, diecast and anti-corrosive components as it does with all its broadcast systems. And that goes for the entire DS product range. You will immediately feel the difference between a Miller fluid head and tripod and a cheaper friction system with plasticised critical components coupled to an unstable tripod.
 How To Choose A Tripod System   Miller  How To Choose A Tripod System
Choosing the correct pan tilt fluid head, tripod and spreader combination (camera support system) for your camera, application and budget is an extremely important decision. Selecting the correct Miller product will ensure this is a long term proposition and our quality, performance and service support assures you of many years of productive use.
 How To Setup Your Sprinter Tripod.   Miller  How To Setup Your Sprinter Tripod.
Setting up your Sprinter tripod the correct way will help prolong the life and operational use of the unit.  to read more information on how to properly operate your Sprinter tripod system.
 Miller Arrow X   Miller  Miller Arrow X
Miller Camera Support, LLC, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions unveils arrowX Series. An evolution of the company’s popular Arrow Series, this new range of fluid heads will include the arrowX 3, arrowX 5 and arrowX 7. A new key feature of the arrowX Series is Miller’s 16 CB PLUSTM, a unique sequential counterbalance design, which takes traditional counterbalancing a step forward, resulting in repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. 
 Phil Pendry on Miller Tripods   Miller  Phil Pendry on Miller Tripods
Phil Pendry on Miller Tripods
 Solo DV Tripod   Miller  Solo DV Tripod
SOLO DV systems merge carbon fibre, magnesium and true fluid drag into the ultimate DV support. Does SOLO DV have competition? Some tripod makers do produce carbon fibre telescoping tripods: However, when you compare their similar capacity carbon telescoping tripod with 75mm ball levelling, you will find SOLO offers more for less. Be Warned: Don't compare SOLO DV to a carbon tripod with column, flat base and narrow diameter tubing - they are not stable enough to support video cameras and do not have ball levelling. In addition the heads that mount on them are usually budget, friction-style heads, not true fluid heads. By comparing Apples-for-Apples, SOLO DV will always win.
 Srinter II ENG Tripod Series   Miller  Srinter II ENG Tripod Series
Speed: halves setup time, patented dual action leg locks. Rigid: designed to be torsion free. Light: carbon fibre, less than 3kg. Hi/Lo: height range to suit all newsgathering needs. Tough: built for the field, backed by a 3 year warranty + a additional 2 year Canadian warranty.
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Euro Sliding Plate Assembly (P7840)
Euro Sliding Plate Assembly (P7840)

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