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K301P Pro Travel Kit (3x-P360 Pro) - FLXK301P
K301P Pro Travel Kit (3x-P360 Pro) - FLXK301P

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Making the most of the image quality of the DV format requires stable camera support and smooth pan and tilt action. In fact, quality support is sometimes the only difference between a good picture and an image that tells the story with style and quality. Miller’s DV range covers two fluid heads, three types of tripods and a range of accessories to raise your DV shooting to the fully professional level.

DS10: a cut above, with fluid action and sliding plate for DVCAM to 10lb (5kg)
While other support manufacturers compromise with materials and quality for DV customers, Miller utilises the same fluid drag system, ball levelling, diecast and anti-corrosive components as it does with all its broadcast systems. And that goes for the entire DS product range. You will immediately feel the difference between a Miller fluid head and tripod and a cheaper friction system with plasticised critical components coupled to an unstable tripod. Or a system that is too heavy, over-engineered and too expensive to match the camera investment you have made. DS systems match the weight, price and feature requirements of DV buyers and exceed their expectation for quality and durability.

DS20 - a little extra counterbalance, plus Carbon Fibre tripod option for 20lb (10kg) DVCAM
If you are looking at a larger lens for their Canon XL-1, or extra batteries, radio mic and on-camera light for their DSR-250, then the DS20 offers a 20lb (10kg) payload capacity. Like the DS10, the DS20 features sliding camera plate to help offset heavy loads, choice of Lightweight or 2-Stage tripod, plus DS softcase for all systems and the option of carbon fibre tripod legs for an ultra lightweight system.

Miller Digital Support: professional support for price-conscious DV buyers
You may find some of the following features, but you won’t find them all in our competitor’s systems: a true fluid head drag system; a tilt counterbalance system with sliding camera plate (DS10 and DS20) for offset payloads; choice of single stage (lightweight) or 2-Stage tripods; choice of above ground spreader with rubber feet or ground spreader; heavy duty, but light weight, softcases; an ergonomically designed padded shoulder strap; and a choice of alloy or carbon fibre tripods (on DS20).

Systems for all DV users and all DV budgets
By offering a wide choice in tripods, from Lightweight to the height range and compactness of 2-Stage - plus a choice of above ground or ground spreader - Miller lets you tailor your DS package to suit your budget, weight and feature requirements. You won’t find that much system flexibility - at any price - with competitor’s systems.

Camera Dolly & Track Kit
Camera Dolly & Track Kit

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