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ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras
ES-T37-A Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras

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Srinter II ENG Tripod Series



Speed: halves setup time, patented dual action leg locks. Rigid: designed to be torsion free. Light: carbon fibre, less than 3kg. Hi/Lo: height range to suit all newsgathering needs. Tough: built for the field, backed by a 3 year warranty + a additional 2 year Canadian warranty.


Dual action leg locks (Patented)
Provides fast deployment in seconds with out bending! In addition dual leg locks provide independent adjustment of upper and lower stages when deployed on uneven surfaces (ie steps). No other tripod can offer both of these advantages.

Mid Level spreader with adjustable centre hub.

For Fast adjustment of tripod footprint, fully variable, unlike competition no presets, you choose. Can add 400mm to tripod height range safely.

Carbon Fibre or Alloy
Ultra-light, high strength  carbon fibre leg tubes provide the ultimate rigid, stable platform and reduce overall weight. Also available in Alloy. All Sprinter II tripods comprise of the most advanced polymers and alloys in their construction. Glass filled nylon adjustable components, rigid engineering polymer brackets, corrosion-proof attaching pins and screws, anodised alloy tubing and carbon fibre tubing, extruded using the Pulltrusion method for optimum lateral strength and scratch-resistant finish.
There are 4 x 100mm ball levelling Sprinter II models in the range, to suit any budget and any ENG/EFP use:

#1589: Single Stage Alloy
#1584: Single Stage Carbon fibre
#1580: 2-Stage Alloy
#1576: 2-Stage Carbon Fibre

Inline carry handle
Miller unique inline carry handle is perfectly balanced to help you safely and comfortably carry your Sprinter over long distances – by your side or on your shoulder. The inline handle also rests unobtrusively inside the sprinter during operation.

Forever-Flat Rubber foot design

Detachable rubber feet provide stable support for your camera on any surface. Complete in their design, no matter how the tripod feet are deployed they will always place flat upon the surface on your location.

Rapid-action transport clips

Miller transport clips flip on and off the tripod leg in an instant for rapid set-up or pull down of your Sprinter tripod. More reliable and faster than cord.

Lightweight and rigid tripod construction
Sprinter is built for ENG, lightning fast to set-up with lightweight, yet rigid construction. The increased rigidity results from bowl to leg fastening, which resists loosening and eliminates joint instability.

Easy leg lock adjustment
Readily tune your leg lock firmness with one simple adjusting lock screw. You only require one tool to fine-tune the lock positiveness to your preference.


Key Tripod Feature

Sprinter II

Sachtler Speedlock


Independantly controlled stages with co-located
lock levers

Fast and easy setup

Infinitely variable adjustment mid-level spreader

Inline Carry handle

Forever-Flat Rubber Foot design

Rapid action 
transport clips

MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller - #0500-0001
MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller - #0500-0001

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