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ES-T37 Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras
ES-T37 Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic GH Series Cameras

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Solo DV Tripod


SOLO DV - Carbon fibre support for DV

SOLO DV systems merge carbon fibre, magnesium and true fluid drag into the ultimate DV support with: Smooth, true fluid pan and tilt; the same components as Arrow; 75mm ball levelling - not a semi-pro tripod with flat base; Rock solid stability at any height, 23-161cm; Lightweight Backpack-ability, so going 'bush' with a tripod for DV is now a reality.

SOLO DV - BROADCAST features and performance at a DV price WHO are SOLO DV users and WHY?

WHO? The One Man Band
WHY? Ultra light weight; easy to carry; Delivers professional images; Suits all lightweight MiniDV camcorders;

WHO? The Freelancer
WHY? Cost effective; same features & stability as their ENG tripod Lightweight; Replacement for inferior stills tripod.

WHO? TV stations
WHY? Cost effective second unit DV support; Light enough for a Video Journalist (VJ) to carry; Three year Warranty.

WHO? Rental Houses
WHY? Bulletproof support for the growing DV rental market; Value-added bundling with MiniDV rental packages.

Setting up your SOLO
It's all in the brilliant SOLO Operation Manual which you can read as a PDF. Does SOLO DV have competition? Some tripod makers do produce carbon fibre telescoping tripods: However, when you compare their similar capacity carbon telescoping tripod with 75mm ball levelling, you will find SOLO offers more for less. Be Warned: Don't compare SOLO DV to a carbon tripod with column, flat base and narrow diameter tubing - they are not stable enough to support video cameras and do not have ball levelling. In addition the heads that mount on them are usually budget, friction-style heads, not true fluid heads. By comparing Apples-for-Apples, SOLO DV will always win.

All notable video tripod manufacturers produce traditional dual tube single and two stage tripods, in alloy and carbon fibre, and they can all support DV camcorders, but, are they:

As light as SOLO? Weave-finish (unpainted) carbon fibre telescopic tubing
As rigid and durable as SOLO? Magnesium, carbon & Diecast components
As simple as SOLO? Leg angle locks to replace Spreader plus concentric clamps
As accessorised as SOLO? Aircell shoulder strap, lightweight should case.
Able to extend from 23cm up to 161cm in height?
Able to pack down to a miserly 69cm?
Packaged in true fluid head systems?

SOLO DV is in no way similar to a low cost photographic column tripod. It was never Miller's intention to compromise on materials, warranty or features when seeking to design a professional, true fluid, carbon fibre DV support system. What makes SOLO so special?

Carbon Fibre tubing
Same quality as Sprinter with unique SOLO 'weave' appearance.
Ultra light - only 2.5kg for a tripod which extends from 23cm - 180cm!
Ultra strong - leg and bowl rigidity that surpasses any dual tube tripod in its category.

Leg Angle locks
Eliminates the need for a Spreader and thus means less components.
Greater height range goes from ground level to over the top of crowds.

Concentric Locks
No protruding lock components - essential for DV tripods where they receive rough treatment on location.
Self adjusting - you tighten to your satisfaction (A lever lock has a pre-set clamping tension).

Aircell Patented shoulder padding
A luxury accessory that offers the ultimate in shoulder carry comfort.

Neoprene rubber protector
Complete protection for tripod tubing when packed down.
Excellent grip while carrying or setting up.

Weatherproof carry case
Lightweight protection with head end/foot end padding.
Can be carried over shoulder or in a back pack Three SOLO systems for all MiniDV/DVCAM camcorders SOLO systems are packaged with Miller DS5, DS10 or DS20 fluid heads to give custom support to any DV camcorder from the palmcorder-style PDX10 right up to the DVCAM camcorders like the Sony DSR-370. Add to that, a three year warranty, Aircell patented shoulder strap and weatherproof carry case, and you have an unbeatable DV package.

Why would you use any other tripod? A good question. Here's some practical examples of what situations may call for different types of Miller tripods:
Back-packing over a mountain Miller SOLO carbon
DV Stringer on the city beat Miller Lightweight Alloy
DV documentary maker Miller 2-Stage alloy or carbon
ENG or commercial production Sprinter 2-Stage carbon
Digi Beta documentary maker Sprinter Single Stage Alloy
or 2-Stage Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre

Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100
Height adjustable bars adapter - #0360-0100

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